Yow-Ting Shiue [ full CV ]

My name is Yow-Ting Shiue (薛祐婷). I am a second-year Computer Science Ph.D. student in University of Maryland, College Park. I am a member of the CLIP Lab, working with Prof. Marine Carpuat on machine translation for dialogues. Before coming to UMD, I was a research associate in the Natural Language Processing Lab, National Taiwan University. I also got my MS and BS from NTU. I have research experience in both Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR). I conducted or participated in projects such as Chinese writing error detection and correction, incorporating lexical knowledge into word and sense embeddings, understanding crowd financial opinion, and open-domain concept attribute extraction from text. My recent research interests include selecting more context to extend both machine and human understanding of text, and enabling communication of knowledge between human and machine via natural languages.


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